Time Management
is a Myth Workshop

How to get the right things done each day without getting bogged down with all the distractions and interruptions!

Are you SICK and TIRED of . . .

  • Consistently losing focus to interruptions and distractions ? ?
  • Suffering for S.O.S.? (shiny object syndrome) ? ?
  • ​Having to work late to get the "important" tasks done & sacrificing time with the family, your health, & your well being ? ? 

Then you really need to attend this FREE Workshop ! ! ! 

Brian Lovegrove

Results Coach
Brian Lovegrove has been on his journey of personal growth and professional development since the age of 17. Inspired by Tony Robbins, he has created not only a catalyst but a unique approach and process to helping others, like you, achieve their goals and dreams. He believes in providing a different learning experience. One that not only provides the knowledge but also includes  practicing and applying these lessons so that they build a HABIT!
You're Going To  Learn about...
  • The 3 biggest Time Mgt Myths and what the reality is behind them.
  • The "Time Mgt" Tool that is worth over $500K! 
  • How to prioritize so you get the right things done!
  • How to deal with the hurricane of daily interruptions & distractions so you can focus on your top priorities

You can't DO anything to time, it is outside of our control.
What you need to manage is your PRIORITIES . . . 

Which is what THIS workshop is all about!

WARNING: Space is limited. This will be LIVE. We have limited number of available seats and we regularly to fill up.
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!
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